Pole Barn Remodel and Renovation

Pole Barn To Home Renovation

This project consists of renovating a barn that is over a hundred years old with an attached workshop that used to house horses, cows, chickens and rabbits is being renovated after years of negelect. Part of the renovation consists of repairing the deteroriated foundation by removing the un repairable parts wiht new placed concrete and filling the cores of the masonry units and adding rebar. The foundation of the living space is beng dampproofed and insulated as well as the parts that will contain plumbing. This building is on its way to qualifing for the NAHB Silver of the green building guidelines. As the project proceeds there will be more to come.









Removing Roof
Roof Removed New Beams New Framing
Framing Lost Friend Roof
Completed Dinner Front Roof
Floor Framing

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